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St. Elizabeth's Health Center

Our Mission

The SMILES AHEAD Orthodontic Program was started in 2012 by two local orthodontists,  Dr. Larry Leber and Dr. Eric Leber at St. Elizabeth’s Health Center. This program was designed to provide orthodontic treatment for the financially-deprived youth in our community. We are so excited to announce that this program is being expanded through the generous participation of 19 local orthodontists.

Our program is designed for the 10-16 year-old-patient with severely misaligned teeth. We support dental needs of the uninsured and underserved with respect and dignity, without regard to race, religion, national origin and physical or mental challenges. The total cost of treatment will be approximately $100. This includes the braces, one set of retainers, and one year of follow-up. Typical cost for braces in private practice is $4,000-$6,000.

Besides providing a beautiful smile, the program is also interested in re-­enforcing reading and math education. This program is incentive-based where the patient must show effort and improvement in both English and Math. We are asking patients to bring in a TEACHER REPORT to each appointment. If the teachers indicate effort and improvement in both subjects, the cost of each orthodontic appointment is at no charge. However, if there is a negative report or if the report is not brought to the appointment, there is a $40 charge.

Learn How the Program Works

Our program's application has specific "REQUIREMENTS" so please read through that section to determine if you qualify before completing the application packet.